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Le Fantome & Angelique Fantasy
My first award winner and good friend! Please visit his pages!

The Fire Chief's Home Page
A great guy and a great page. One of my Web TV gurus!

Kelly and Holly's Realm
Two fun girls with a fun homepage. Visit them soon!

Free gifs, backgrounds and music. Html help, fishing tips and more!

Melissa's Free Gifs!
This page has lots of free images for Web TV users! What a great page! Visit some time when you have lots of time to look around.

Nash's Beagle Page
This is a cute Beagle page. It has Beagle messages and sounds for people and animals!

Tender Mercies
I found this page to be a wonderful addition to any cat lover's favorite kitty page collection! Lots of info and links about cats. It also features several cat clubs I'm going to check out.

Draybar's Cat Page
Come visit this family and the 8 cats who own them. Draybar has a wonderful page and tells how these cats found them and there are pictures too! It's a very enjoyable page for people who share a love of cats.

Tommy Girl's Crazy Intuitions
This page has a little bit of everything and is very creatively done! Visit Brenda's page and you'll see why she got an award!

ReNATssance Art
This is a very beautiful page!!! One that deserves an award. Keep up the good work, Nat!

Mary's Place
This is a beautiful page about Mary and her family and her Dauchsunds.

UFOs.....The Beginning of a New World
This is a great page! It's about the Universe around us and how we may relate to it! It's certainly worthy of many awards and many visits!

G's Spot
Come and visit G's Spot....a very creative cat page and meet his lovely award winner, Tabakitty! Any cat lover could spend days at this page!

All About Cats
Come and hang out with Princess Clawdia at this great kitty page! Lots of cool kitty links here.......

Mewpe's Memorial Page
Visit Mewpe's Memorial page, a precious page about an adorable kitty!

Katt's page
Be sure to stop by Katt's home page! You will find lots of interesting stuff in her links.......and be sure to check out her midi f-key page for Web TVers!

Sammie's Pals and Pets
Sammies page has some of the most adorable cats I have ever seen! He also has dogs on his page too since he is a real animal lover.......of course, most of my time was spent looking at his beautiful cats. He has lots of other info on his page too. Stop in for a visit, you might find something you like!