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"I'm so glad you could join us! I was looking around my bedroom the other day and realized all my cats were there and it looked like a 'cat room' so I thought that would make a nice name for my page."

Subana, July, 1998

Please be sure to fill out my new kitty questionnaire!

This is my kitty, Mystery and she owns me! Please visit her page!

You will find more adorable pictures of her there and some other things too!


This kitty, Phantom, owns a good friend of mine on the web!

This is Tuffie,

this is Lucy

and this is Muffin.

And they own Merry!

This is Yo!

She owns Justina! Thanks for the cute picture, Justina!

This is Julian and Sebastion and they own TBOOB! Please visit their page and don't forget to sign their guestbook!

This is Tiger and this is Stripe (below)

and they belong to Karen. Please visit her page!

Now that you've met everyone please make yourself at home. I hope you enjoy your visit and look around the place......I'm sure you'll find something fun to do here.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would sign my guestbook! Thanks.

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