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Welcome to our rules page. We are the Friends Mailing List, also known as Before I tell you the rules let me give you a little background first. We have been around for over a year now and currently have about 45 subscribers. This list grew out of another list that had a tendency for flaming......we all got pretty sick of it which is why we started our own list. We are currently accepting new members and hope to attract people who express a desire in getting along with each other.

I am Subana, list owner and I have 2 very capable list managers, Ed and Pat. So if you ever have a question or suggestion, just ask, we're always happy to help.

There is a good reason why we call this list Friends, we hope to express a friendly, supportive atmosphere and I think it's working because that's how a lot of our members usually describe us.......and they are not being paid to say that.

This list consists mostly of Web TV users so we enjoy sending pages that may interest others. But it can also get quite chatty at times. In the past we have generated as many as 200 messages a day, and other days we may get as few as 50 messages. I mention this so you will know what to expect if you decide to join. We understand that most people don't have the time to read this much mail but if you'd like to try it, we'd love the opportunity to welcome you.

No Flaming This is probably our most important rule and it is strictly enforced. If you don't know what flaming is, it is a comment that could be intentionally insulting or hurtful to another person. And the reason why it is strictly enforced is because it can only be destructive in communicating with people and would not be effective in our supportive, friendly atmosphere. Of course, different people have different ideas about what a flame is so that will be up to the list owner/manager's determination. If we think you have flamed someone, we will give you a warning and if it happens again your subscription will be terminated.

No Real Audio Some people like to use Real Audio in their email messages. (If you don't know what RA is, it's like the songs you hear on the radio with the original performers singing them.) I love Real Audio as much as anyone but we would rather you didn't use it on your list email, it has a tendency to freeze the email and people find themselves waiting forever, trying to get out of a message while listening to a song they may not even like! Here is an excellent page that explains why RA should not be used in email. I think if you are willing to do this in consideration of others it shows you are the type of person we want on this list.

Courtesy to Others I probably don't even have to tell you this since you're already interested in this list but we want people to treat others with dignity, respect and friendship.

No Remailers If you don't know what a remailer is, it's a page that people can use to send a message with an anonymous address. We really would like to discourage this on our list. We hope that all our members would be willing to accept responsibility for their words and actions and the use of remailers is not a responsible thing to do, in our opinion.

Sending Pages We are happy that you want to share pages with the list. Just one small suggestion, if you go to a page and you notice while sending it that it has no title, please edit the message to give it a title or reload the page until the title shows up in the status bar. Many people just read the messages that interest them and don't read the ones with "no subject". If you'd like people to read your messages, I think this would be a good practice.

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